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Student Clarity


The outcome achieved when the learning goal(s), rationale(s), and plan for the lesson are made explicit to students and are used to guide their thinking and progress through the lesson

Best Practice

  • Detailed agenda is posted and referenced by the teachers and students during each chunk of instruction
  • Clear learning goals and student objectives are stated and referenced throughout the class period and can be articulated by all students.
  • The rationale for each task (its connection to the learning goal and relevance for students) is made explicit to students and can be communicated by all students.
Student at whiteboard showing AP Chemistry agenda


Students explain how the task connects to the goal and why the learning matters to them; teacher references agenda at transitions and reinforces learning goal(s); students reference the agenda to complete work and guide learning; students read learning goal(s) chorally; closure task asks students to explain how their learning helped them accomplish the learning goal(s)