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Sample Course Selections

Direct Employment:

Below is an example of a student who wants to pursue a career directly out of high school:

James is a student in the Construction Pathway in the Appoquinimink School District. He loves to work with his hands and has decided not to go to college right after high school.

Instead, James has earned many important certifications while still in high school. These include certifications for being a flagger, OSHA 30, operating heavy equipment, and driving a forklift. He also qualifies for an apprenticeship after high school.

Although he’s not planning on attending college now, James has already earned nine college credits due to the courses he took in his Pathway. This means he could attend Delaware Technical Community College for a degree if he chooses.

2-4 year Open Enrollment College/University:

Below is an example of a student who wants to continue their education at a trade, two-year, or four-year college/university:

Bijou is a student studying Digital Communications in the Appoquinimink School District.

She has a big goal: to work for The DMI Group, one of Delaware’s best digital marketing companies. She’s already learned a lot about graphic design and video production, but she wants to learn even more after high school.

Bijou is thinking about staying in Delaware for college because she can go for free! She’s trying to decide between two schools: Delaware Tech Community College and Delaware State University.

She wants to pick the best one to help her prepare for her dream digital marketing job.

In-State Selective University:

Below is an example of a student who wants to continue their education at a selective, in-state university:

KJ is a student in the Healthcare Science Pathway who made a big decision in his junior year: he wants to go to the University of Delaware after high school.

Getting into this university is tough because they only pick a few students out of many who apply. To improve his chances, KJ is working extremely hard in his senior year.

He’s taking two advanced classes, AP Biology and AP Math. In addition to these, he’s also taking a third-year world language class and an extra class called AP Microeconomics.

These challenging classes show how serious KJ is about his future and getting into the University of Delaware.

4 Year, Out-Of-State Selective University:

Below is an example of a student who wants to continue their education at a Four-Year, out-of-state selective university:

Sunita is a JA Entrepreneurship, Business, and Leadership Pathway student in the Appoquinimink School District.

She has big dreams: after high school, she wants to go to Penn State and eventually start her own business. Getting into the College of Business at Penn State isn’t easy. It’s a special part of the university that is challenging to get accepted into.

Sunita knows this, so she’s working super hard in high school. She’s taking tough classes, known as AP courses, to show she can handle challenging work. On top of that, Sunita loves music, so she takes music classes for fun.

To boost her chances of getting into the business school, she’s also taking AP Economics and studying a world language for four years, all while keeping her grades high.

She’s doing all this to follow her dream of going to Penn State and one day being a business owner.

4 Year, Highly Selective University:

Below is an example of a student who wants to continue their education at a four-year, highly selective, out-of-state university:

Marcus is a really dedicated student in the AP Pathway at the Appoquinimink School District, and he has a huge goal: to be the first person in his family to go to college.

He’s aiming extremely high and wants to get into Harvard University. But getting into Harvard is a challenge; only about 3% of students who apply get in. So, Marcus knows he has to keep his grades almost perfect, close to a 4.0.

He also wants to show Harvard he’s great at handling hard classes. To stand out even more, Marcus is not only filling his schedule with AP classes; he’s also choosing engineering courses to fill his schedule. Plus, he’s doing two special AP courses, AP Seminar and AP Research, to get the AP Capstone designation.

He also takes additional courses in the summer to reach high-level math courses and to free up room in his schedule to take more courses that interest him. Marcus thinks having all these different and challenging classes on his report card will help him get noticed by Harvard.