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Capstone Project Connects Students and Industry Professionals

Learning through experiences

Appoquinimink’s Capstone Project graduation requirement may be met through a research study or project design during a student’s Work-Based Learning Immersion Experience. This program provides the opportunity for concentrated research or project development in a specialized field under the leadership and direction of experienced professionals in Delaware and from across the country.

The elements of the Capstone Project allow students to connect their career interests and apply their knowledge and aptitude in a real-life setting, working with professionals who have chosen to share their insights and expertise. Students become stronger, more confident, self-sufficient, and creatively productive as they apply their critical thinking skills in solving relevant and stimulating problems.

The Capstone Project is designed to allow students to combine the requirements of the Work-Based Learning Practicum course with that of the Capstone Project. When the Capstone Project is completed through a student’s immersion experience, both students and employers receive a more rich and rewarding experience. Review the District College and Career Readiness Guide for more information