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Connection Through Content


Intentional activities or actions done throughout the lesson to build relationships and connections between teacher, student, and content; focused on fostering a safe and engaging learning environment.

Best Practice

  • Structure and delivery are purposeful and cohesive, connected to content and students’ interests
  • Allows all students’ voices to be heard (able to measure /show evidence of equitable student contribution).
  • Builds smoothly and responsively throughout a lesson and course to deeper levels of vulnerability, sharing, etc. between the teacher and the students
  • Successfully incorporates research-based practices around restorative models, trauma informed care, and/or mindfulness
One student wrapping another's arm with medical tape


Mindful minute, restorative circles, polls/surveys, team-building/class-building structures; Kagan Structures (Take off/touch down; Rally/Round Robin; Timed-Pair-Share; Social Skills Chart