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Chunking Instruction


The Practice of Breaking Up a Lesson Into Purposeful Segments that Work Together Toward the Essential Learning of That Day.

Best Practice

  • Each chunk connects clearly to the learning goal
  • Transitions between chunks are seamless and involve opportunities for distributed summarizing
  • Cognitive Growth Targets are represented and allow for a progression and variation of rigor within & between each chunk.
  • Chunks feature variation in the use of purposeful strategies, including models of co-teaching, and technology integration.
Students with a robotic game on the floor


Cognitive Growth Targets are Being Used During Each Chunk, Chunks are Varied in the Use of Strategies and Technology Integration, New Learning Occurs as Chunks Progress.
Grouping vocabulary words by parts of speech, dividing historical events by time periods, separating a multi-step problem and teaching each step independently before moving on to the next step.