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Life Ready

Descriptors with Definitions

  • Resolves conflicts & seeks to understand
    • Individuals communicate effectively to negotiate and manage conflict; students resolve disagreements peacefully and productively.
    • Individuals seek to recognize the “how” and “why” that causes the initial conflict, and actively seek to redirect own behavior when necessary.
    • Individuals seek to understand others’ thoughts, feelings, and experiences; students demonstrate concern and awareness of others.  Individuals explore the world around them; students seek answers and understanding.
  • Individuals are able to identify healthy relationships; students are adept at recognizing toxic or dangerous relationships.
  • Individuals build and maintain safe, healthy, and productive relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and peers through trust and compassion.
  • Individuals are resourceful and agile in own thoughts and actions; students adapt from diverse experiences. 
  • Individuals make responsible decisions that consider self, society, culture, and environment; students act responsibly and take action to impact change.
    • Individuals demonstrate confidence and awareness of self while expressing concern, respect, and empathy towards others.  Individuals are driven from within more than by external rewards or enticements.
  • Individuals demonstrate emotional intelligence;  students exhibit empathy and show value of others.  Individuals are aware of own actions and feelings, and self-regulate as appropriate; students are aware of how others are affected. 
  • Individuals demonstrate a positive mindset; students strive to lift up those around them.
  • Individuals demonstrate resilience; students employ healthy coping strategies to prevent stress, fatigue, and burnout.  Individuals manage own personal health, hygiene, and living space; students exercise self-care to address personal, social, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.
  • Individuals are aware of when and how to reach out for help when coping strategies are not sufficient.