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Restaurant Youth ​
Registered Apprenticeship​ (RYRA)

What is RYRA?

  • Apprenticeship is an earn-while-you-learn program that trains entry level employees to become line cooks, kitchen managers or restaurant managers.  ​

Apprentices participate in a competency-based program involving classroom work (e.g. related training instruction) and on-the-job training

Eligibility for ​RYRA Pre-apprenticeship ​

  • Must be age 16 to 24 at time of RYRA enrollment ​

  • Must be enrolled in our Culinary Pathway. Students in the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Pathway complete the ProStart curriculum as a condition of enrollment in RYRA.

Goals of RYRA​ Pre-Apprenticeship​

Roles of School/CBO Partners​

  • Explore: Gain awareness of career path options by exploring apprenticeships and occupations.​

  • Prepare: Gain information and skills needed to succeed in apprenticeship and employment.​

  • Connect: Access to employers seeking apprentices; assistance applying ​

  • Support: Receive support services to address any barriers to achieving goals​

By the end of pre-apprenticeship, youth are:​

  • Equipped to make an informed decision​

  • Ready to succeed in an apprenticeship if they choose it!​

RYRA Pre-Apprenticeship​ Learning Objectives​

Upon completion of the pre-apprenticeship, each youth will understand:​

  1. Benefits of apprenticeship​

  2. How apprenticeship works (e.g. what’s required and what to expect)​

  3. How apprenticeship fits within an industry career pathway ​

  4. Occupational Outlook for: Line Cook, Kitchen Manager, Restaurant Manager​

Various activities can accomplish objectives:​

  • Career Exploration Counseling about Apprenticeship​

  • Career/Industry Exploration Fair​

  • Meeting with apprenticeship employer and/or apprentice​

  • Workplace Tour​

  • Hands-on experience

RYRA Pre-apprenticeship Enrollment Form (High School)