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Pathway Overview

The Junior Achievement® Entrepreneurship, Business & Leadership program of study is structured to pair thematic learning experiences inside the classroom with real-life projects and applications at local business partner locations and job sites, ultimately preparing young people for the career opportunities that lay ahead of them. Students will learn the basics of starting a business, developing entrepreneurial abilities, identifying business opportunities, learning personal finance skills, practicing business communication/writing, creating a business plan, marketing techniques, network building, economics, banking for individuals and businesses and the stages of business growth. Throughout each level and woven into the curriculum experience, volunteer business partners will visit/beam-in virtually to support the educational experience by helping students showcase entrepreneurial, workplace and finance competencies and skills. Business partners will engage with students via: inspirational events, in-person/virtual simulations, classroom-based experiences, mentoring, job shadows, internships, part-time jobs and much more!
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Pathway Courses


1 Credit

The level one course will equip students with foundational personal finance skills while introducing business technology and presentation tools that are necessary for 21st-century success. Course themes include topics such as: how to earn and save money; how to manage money by being a wise consumer (creating and using a budget); how to manage bank accounts, investments, and credit; how to assess risks and use insurance; and how to address financial problems like identity theft and debt. Students will learn personal skills like teamwork, innovation and ethical decision making while also learning the basics around technology/tools that businesses use to stay productive. Students will have a culminating experience participating in a live (or virtual) simulation of JA Finance Park 2.0 at the JA of Delaware Campus in which they will design/ plan their ‘entire life budget.’


1 Credit

In level two, students will build upon their personal finance skills developed during level one and begin to explore themes more centric to the world of business including: economics, banking services, employee benefits, business ethics, risk management, international business opportunities, innovation, marketing & accounting. Students will further demonstrate and expand upon their abilities to incorporate the use of presentation tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint - and the functionality/features appropriate within various business environments and scenarios.


1 Credit + 3 or more College Credits

In level three, after accumulating knowledge and skills around personal finance and business, students will explore entrepreneurship and the basics of starting a business. This will include developing entrepreneurial abilities, identifying a business opportunity, creating a business plan, economics, and the stages of business growth. Students will examine their personal skillset as it pertains to interpersonal communication, business writing & organizational communication skills. Students will be able to think critically, solve problems, and overcome challenges while also effectively communicating about performance and expectations with their peers and adult stakeholders.


1 Credit

JA Company Program empowers high school students to fill a need or solve a problem in their community and teaches them practical skills required to conceptualize, capitalize, and manage their own business venture. Throughout the process of building their own company, students collaborate, make crucial business decisions, communicate with multiple stakeholders, and develop entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. Community volunteers and mentors provide real world guidance and experience to the student-led startup.