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Pathway Overview

The Culinary and Hospitality Management Pathway is supported by the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation. Students explore management and culinary skills needed for success in the restaurant/hospitality industry. ProStart trains students on industry-specific skills that can be used in all aspects of the restaurant and hospitality industry along with employability skills like leadership, accountability, teamwork, and responsibility. The program prepares students for careers such as Executive Chef and Sous Chef, Food Service Manager, Kitchen Manager, and Line Cook. This Pathway consists of four (4) courses: Fundamentals of Culinary Arts and Hospitality, Advanced Food Production and Hospitality Management, and the Culinary and Hospitality Profession and an internship/work-based experience.
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Pathway Courses


1 Credit

This course provides an overview of the restaurant and hospitality industry and the importance of food safety and sanitation. Students have the opportunity to prepare a variety of foods and learn the equipment and techniques for a successful operation. Students are introduced to the commercial kitchen, including how to use commercial food equipment in a safe and sanitary manner as well as proper preparation techniques including mise en place. The course acquaints the student with the scope and complexity of the hospitality industry and the importance of good management skills.


1 Credit

This course further expands upon the culinary essentials and hospitality management skills learned through lab experiences. This course incorporates customer relations, cost controls, marketing, purchasing, inventory, and communications. All skills are practiced through a classroom-managed foodservice operation. Professional skills needed to effectively manage an organization and engage in customer service are integrated.



1 Credit + 3 College Credits

This course offers students the opportunity to refine employability skills such as leadership, accountability, teamwork, and responsibility. Students learn the role of accurate menu creation and design along with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills to address real-life case studies while continuing to hone their culinary and management skills. Global cuisines and sustainability in the hospitality industry are incorporated. Diverse management styles are applied.



1 Credit

This course allows students to apply and further develop their knowledge and skills as a professional working in the Culinary and Hospitality industry with the supervision of the practicum instructor. This course gives students the opportunity to apply the theories, principles, skills, concepts, and best practices that they have learned in their coursework. Please Note: ServSafe Manager Certification and Uniform are required. This is the capstone senior year course for students in the Culinary and Hospitality Management Pathway.


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Pathway Elective Courses

University of Delaware HOSP180

Earn 1 Credit + 3 College Credits

During this 3-credit virtual course, you’ll learn about one of the top 10 industries in the world and one of the top 5 industries in the state of Delaware. You’ll explore industries and careers in tourism, hotels, restaurants, casinos, country clubs, event and meeting management and more. And, you’ll hear from top executives/leaders in this exciting and growing field.
*Course Notes: This course meets synchronously after school hours. UD sets the day, time, and term that the course runs. See your school counselor for more information.

*By Approval Only: Must be a Junior or Senior with a GPA of at least 2.8