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The Animal Science & Management program of study is a four (4) credit Pathway that explores: animal production and management, physical restraint and handling, conducting health exams, evaluation of behavior, principles of genetics and reproduction, animal selection through evaluation, anatomy and physiology, animal nutrition, basic veterinary practices, global food systems, ethics of food animal production, and current agricultural issues in order to foster an understanding of the steps involved in producing and marketing products for consumers. Students practice decision-making and research skills through classroom instruction, laboratory activities, and practical experiences. The program prepares students for a variety of careers in: agribusiness, agriscience education, animal genetics, animal nutrition, animal reproduction, extension educator, marine biology, wildlife biology, veterinary medicine, zoology, animal researcher, animal processor, production manager, artificial insemination technician, animal breeder, veterinary assistant/technician, wildlife manager, zoo animal specialist, animal rescue/animal control officer, and agriculture producer.

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Animal Science & Management
Pathway Courses

Course AG9119

1 Credit

This course focuses on the fundamentals of animal science which include animal origin, domestication and uses, careers in the animal industry, animal safety and sanitation, ways animals help humans, taxonomy and breeds, basic nutrition and health, biosecurity principles and environmental conditions on animals and animal rights vs. welfare. Students are introduced to the foundational leadership skills, responsibility, and cooperation needed to be a successful and productive citizen through a school-based agricultural education three-component model which includes FFA activities, Supervised Agricultural Experience programs, and career and leadership development events.

AG9120 1 Credit This course enables students to apply animal science principles including: biosecurity principles and environmental conditions on animals, scientific principles of anatomy, physiology and reproduction, nutrition, animal health and management, animal products and processing, laws and sustainable practices, and industry standards on the animal selection process. Students develop leadership skills, increase levels of responsibility, and engage in cooperative activities through FFA activities, Supervised Agricultural Experience programs, and career and leadership development events through a school-based three-component agricultural education model. *Prerequisite: Foundations of Animal Science


1 Credit + 3 College Credits

This course enables students to demonstrate their mastery of the content covered in FSA and GDDA and apply their technical knowledge and skills in the field of animal agriculture. Students apply their mastery of biosecurity principles and environmental conditions on animals, global applications of animal agriculture, reproduction and genetics, animal nutrition, animal health care and evaluation, selection and marketing, and legal responsibilities through hands-on activities. Students apply skills gained through Supervised Agricultural Experience programs, FFA leadership activities, and career and leadership development events to better serve the community through a school based three-component agricultural education model.

*Prerequisite: Growth and Development of Domestic Animals


1 Credit

This course is for students interested in continuing their study of animals and related animal health careers or research. Students will be going out in the field working with livestock or small animals in a production and/or veterinary setting topics such as animal health and evaluation, bandaging, giving medicines under the direction of a DVM, office procedures, medical records, nutrition, animal care, medical terminology, instrument care & identification, animal handling techniques, vital signs, lab procedures, anatomy, and pharmacology. This is the capstone senior year course for students enrolled in the Animal Science Pathway.

*Prerequisite: Domestic Animal Management